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The team at Gateway have 15+ years of experience in delivering pre-employability training courses. We are committed to training the next generation of craftsmen and woman.

We passionately believe that we have a solid insight and awareness of current social, economic and educational issues. We aim to ensure that young people and unemployed adults are given the right level skills and employability support. Pan London with hubs across London.

Gateway is very experience with turning Gangs around and changing life’s. Working closely with the POLICE – LONDON PROBATION – COMMUNITY CENTRES.


Leroy a very nice human being helped us all and took time with me to get to where I wanted. It’s been a pleasure working and learning from Leroy. Thanks again for the course and the food

Adam said

I began this course not knowing what to expect. Many thanks to Leroy for informing me and telling me about the options now available to me. A very good teacher who makes me want to learn more

Lee said

Have a greater understanding of the construction industry and the routes I can take to employment. I have a better understanding in Health & Safety and a good tutor who gave me good advice

Marvin said

Leroy Joseph is polite / friendly / excellent at teaching / training keep up the good work. His knowledge is well excellent about construction / course / slides. He has helped me out a lot more about the roles / health & safety on the construction sites in more depth. I would like to say to other people that this course is excellent and I recommend Leroy Joseph company to take on my course because they are excellent

David said

It has been a privilege to be taught by Leroy, hearing about his journey through construction really has inspired me to pursue my career in construction

Sarah said